What is Super E ® ?

The “E” in Super E® refers to the four main benefits of these houses. Super E® houses are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Economical
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Enhances the homeowner’s quality of life

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), a Canadian government department, initially developed the Super

E® House Program to provide comfortable, energy efficient homes to the Japanese market.

Since the program started in 1998 over 30 Japanese companies have partnered with ten Canadian companies to build homes in every region of Japan.

Now, the program has expanded to match qualified UK builders with Canadian experts, who facilitate the building process in the UK. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Canada’s national housing agency, has joined NRCan to bring high quality Super E® houses to UK home buyers.

Following the energy shortages of the 1970s, Canada initiated intensive efforts to develop energy-

efficient housing. In the process, other benefits emerged, improving indoor comfort and creating a healthy living environment. The resulting technology advancements, construction techniques, performance testing and quality assurance are an integral part of every Super E® house. Using the best Canadian and UK housing construction and expertise produces the most durable and economical home available.

Energy Efficient

The Super E ® specifications for insulation, air tightness, equipment efficiency and quality assurance meet or exceed those under the UK’s own energy conservation laws.

High-performance windows and doors and a continuous air barrier system in the building envelope are some of the features that limit air leakage, reducing heating and cooling costs and increasing comfort. Together with high-efficiency heating, hot water, cooling and ventilation equipment, UK homeowners benefit from superior comfort and low energy costs.

Energy-efficient features also contribute to enhancing the durability of Super E ® houses. Careful attention to moisture barriers and a continuous air barrier work to prevent moisture and rain penetration. The air barrier system is independently field-tested to ensure it meets program standards.

Well-insulated walls and windows and a mechanical ventilation system also work together with the air and moisture barrier to minimize moisture on interior finishes, windows and in wall, floor and ceiling cavities.


Super E ® offers technical excellence, energy savings and superior comfort which in many cases costs no more to own than traditional houses.

That’s because Super E ® uses much less energy in heating, cooling and operation. The bar chart below shows that the cost of owning a Super E ® home including all the benefits of superior comfort and quality is approximately the same cost as owning a home built with conventional building practices.

By paying less for energy and more on the purchase price of the home, Super E ® owners are investing their money where it counts the most in equity. Less energy consumption is also better for the UK’s environment and, therefore, the future of its young people.

Super E ® builds brand recognition for superior Canadian homes and delivers value-added housing to consumers for prices that are comparable to most other homes.

Environmentally Responsible

Water-conserving features and recycled materials are all available through Super E ®. Super E ® members use and have access to a growing list of pre-approved environmentally friendly products that covers such items as:

  • fibreglass insulation made from recycled glass;
  • fibreboard made with recycled paper and wood fibres;
  • drywall made with recycled gypsum and paper;
  • structural engineered wood products manufactured from waste wood and/or fast growing trees from managed forests;
  • trims and finishes made from waste wood products; and
  • low water consumption toilets, faucets and showerheads.

Enhances the homeowner’s quality of life

Super E ® promotes an indoor environment that is healthy, quiet, and comfortable and enhances the quality of life for busy families.

Quiet and relaxing The continuous air barrier in every Super E ® house not only saves energy and increases comfort, but also significantly reduces outdoor noise into the home. Combined with super- insulated walls, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems and energy-efficient windows, the Super E ® homeowner can enjoy a peaceful, relaxing indoor environment at minimum cost.

Healthy living Super E ® offers UK homebuyers the opportunity to further improve the indoor air quality of their new homes by use of air filtration and low emission materials from a pre-approved list. The list includes such items as carpets, floor adhesives, paints and varnishes. People with allergies or respiratory problems can breathe easier with Super E ® .

Fresh Indoor Air Passive and mechanical ventilation systems are both used for Super E ® . Good design allows natural air flows through open windows, bringing people closer to the outdoor environment. When windows are closed, Super E ® ‘s mechanical ventilation system takes over by continuously supplying fresh air to each room of the house while exhausting stale air to the outside, increasing comfort and improving indoor air quality.

Participating Canadian Companies (Japan)

Each Super E® Canadian partner works closely with foreign home builders throughout the building process.

There are currently fourteen “Canadian Expert Affiliates” selected by Natural Resources Canada to develop the Super E ® House Program in Japan