Lot Size:60’X 125′, 7500 Sq.Ft. Total Gross Floor Area: 5259 Sq.Ft.

Aldershot Crescent, Houses

35, 37 & 39 Aldershot Crescent, North York, Toronto, Ontario

The goal of this project is two-fold: on one hand, it is an attempt to invest a speculative infill development with architectural coherence and dignity; on the other, to work sensitively within the delicate context of an existing St. Andrews neighbourhood.

This development groups three traditional style houses along a crescent in a post-war subdivision.

A consistent vocabulary is established employing brick, stone, bays and covered porches that allows each individual house to vary considerable from its neighbour with regard to massing and floor plan while remaining integral to the development as a whole.

Each 4300 to 4700 square foot house is designed specially for its location on the street, taking advantage of environmental factors and topographical variety in the site. They all have extra wide rear yards and south facing gardens.

Building foot prints, set-back and height are limited by stringent set of guidelines, but goal has been to produce a rich diversity within an order that has always been typical of the dynamism of city of North York’s infill developments.

The assemblage is designed to appeal to a variety of homeowners seeking to accommodate a contemporary life-style in a traditional architectural environment.